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Jibran wins the NSF (National Science Foundation) Scholarship. 07/23/03

Jibran wins a scholarship...

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About me [updated 8-23-05]

My name is Jibran ILyas . I am 22 (not 19) years old [thanks to all who reminded me :P ] from Karachi, Pakistan. I started my education from Boostan-e-Haadi in Karachi and studied there till 5th Grade. I then switched to Karachi Public School which was one of the best schools at that time. There I studied till 8th Grade and then came to Chicago where i got admitted in Senn High School . My high school GPA was 4.3 on a 4.0 scale; thats because i was in an IB PROGRAM i.e. for gifted students. I am not really a gifted person, my only gift is that I was born in Karachi (city of geniuses) and am a Pakistani which is a great blessing From my GOD. I completed my bachelors degree in Network Technology at Depaul University [Class of 2005]. Now working as an IT Manager at an investment consulting firm :) My hobbies are playing piano, basketball, tennis etc.

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Feel free to email me any suggestions or comments. (jilyas@hotmail.com)
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